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Car Insurance information: Just like household insurance, four wheelers are also insured. A four wheeler is very expensive. So it is very important to insure them. Nowadays, the number of accidents has also increased to a great extent, so car insurance is one of the most important needs. When you buy a vehicle, take care to insure it.

What is car insurance: Car insurance or vehicle insurance is also called motor insurance and auto car insurance. Car insurance is an insurance cover, which provides financial protection to the owner of the vehicle. Your expensive vehicle is protected against danger if something unexpected and accident happens. Be it theft or damage to some important car parts or often even water. All these are covered in car insurance. Car insurance is useful in preventing the risk and major damage to the

Why should every person get car insurance?

Car owners take out car insurance to get compensation for the damage done to their car in case of an accident.

Every person dreams of owning a car, but along with that, car insurance is a must, which can prevent you from getting lost. It helps a lot in getting compensation.
Along with this, if the insurance is TPA (Third Party Insurance), we also get protection for loss of life and property damage in case of an unfortunate accident. Also, we get financial protection from it whether it is man-made or natural calamity.
Car insurance covers many perils. Car insurance removes one type of warry

Type of car insurance

1) third party insurance
2) comprehensive insurance
3) add-on insurance covers

1) third party insurance

As the name itself suggests, some of the insurances covered include protection against third party life and property damage, compensation for damages incurred. Note that this type of insurance does not provide financial protection for personal vehicle or life loss.

2) comprehensive insurance

It covers everything. Accidental damages to other parties are also covered as needed. Along with this, compensation for car accident, hospital expenses of accident injured person, natural calamities like flood, earthquake, tsunami, riot, fire are also covered.

3) add-on insurance covers

Apart from the above two types, we can also take out add on insurance. Add on insurance is also called rider insurance.

Suppose your car breaks down in the middle of the road, if you have this cover add, your insurance company will come to the place of your broken car and repair the car.
If the engine is bad, your insurance company will replace the engine of your car. For this, you should take engine replacement add-on coverage.

No Claim Bonus
Key Protection Cover
Personal accident cover
Daily Allowance Benefit
Some car parts


Documents required for car insurance

To take out car insurance you need passport size photo, driving license or PAN card, residence proof, RC book of your car as well.

What is not covered in car insurance

If you are driving someone else’s car and that car does not have car insurance, and your car does have insurance, the insurance will not be valid.
Car insurance does not work if a person is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Car insurance is not valid even if the person driving the car does not have a license to drive.

How to make a car insurance claim

After an accident, you can make an online car insurance claim. Nowadays many people buy car insurance online. You can file an insurance claim by visiting the website of the company you have purchased the insurance from.
In case of accident or damage to the car, you should inform the car insurance company as soon as possible otherwise your claim may be rejected. Claim should be made within 24-48 hours if possible.
Many insurance companies offer this company garage network. Through this you can claim through cashless facility. If this company does not have a garage network in the area where you are, then the company also compensates you.

Pay attention to this when using car insurance

Fully Use No Claim Bonus – If you have not used any claim during the year, you are given some special discount in the claim in the next year. Do you remember if you got no claim bonus?
Claim Settlement Ratio – While taking car insurance also look at how many claims have been settled by the company you are taking car insurance from. Those who have settled more claims, the company is right for you.

3) Renew Insurance Timely – Often you take out car insurance with great care the first time, but don’t renew it next year, which can cost you

Points to consider while buying car insurance

Get the car insurance you like, don’t compare it with other car insurances.
Choose car insurance according to your financial situation. Don’t buy expensive car insurance if your financial situation is not good. If your financial condition is good then you should choose the insurance with higher coverage.
Before taking the insurance, get a proper understanding of what is covered in it.
Be sure to check the claim ratio and claim settlement ratio.
Choose an insurance that covers Road Site Assistant, Personal Accident.


Is Car Insurance Mandatory?

Car insurance is not mandatory, but it is very important to have it.

Should car insurance be taken from the car dealer itself?

Car insurance does not have to be taken from a car dealer, you can also take it out.

Can I take car insurance from different companies every year?

Yes we can take insurance from different companies every year but preferably we should not. No more benefits.

How to get car insurance?

Car insurance is taken both online and offline.

What to look for when buying car insurance?

While buying car insurance, buy car insurance based on your budget and your

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